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Your Living Season

Are you ready for retirement?

Your Living Season Book CoverYour Living Season, otherwise known as retirement, can be your greatest time of life!

With almost fifty years of combined industry experience, Steve Ellis and Stan Rickner share practical insights and inspiration to retire forward—into a new season.

-Know how much money is enough
-Be prepared mentally—and emotionally
-Make Social Security work better for you
-Discover underused tax-saving strategies
-Invest for a retirement paycheck
-Create a lasting family legacy

The old mindset is a “retirement plan.” The new mindset is a living plan. No matter where you are on the journey, there’s hope for a bright future.

Purpose and vision for retirement matter just as much as money. You have an opportunity to pursue your passion, explore new interests, and offer your wisdom to younger generations.

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Resource Links for Your Living Season:

Chapter 4 - Jumping the Hurdles

Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts


Chapter 5 - How Much is Enough?

The Ant and The Grasshopper Story

Income Worksheet Download


Chapter 6 - Everyone Has an Estate

National Association of Estate Planners & Councils

Elder Law

Seasons Estate Resource Center 


Chapter 7 - Here's to Your Health


Government Health Care Coverage

Long-Term Care

Advance Health Care Directives

Bill of Rights for Funeral Preplanning


Chapter 8 - Protecting You, Your Family, Your Stuff

Insurance Glossary

Oklahoma Department of Insurance

Long-Term Care

Life Insurance Calculator

Seasons Insurance Resource Center


Chapter 9 - Retirement Can Be Taxing

Tax Withholding for Social Security


American Institute of CPAs

Seasons Tax Resource Center

Seasons Tax Tools

Chapter 10 - Spending and Debt Hazards


National Association of Credit Counseling

Christian Credit Counseling

Cash Flow Worksheet

Net Woth Worksheet

Federal Reserve


Chapter 11 - Smarter Giving Strategies

Charity Navigator

Evangelical Council on Financial Accountability

Acceptable Gift

Generous Giving

Example of one of the largest Donor Advised Funds


Chapter 12 - Maximizing Social Security

Set Up Your Own Social Security Account

Chart showing your birth year and reductions for early retirement

Social Security FAQs

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau




Chapter 13 - Investing for Your Retirement Paycheck

Does My Portfolio Fit Me?

SEC for Investors

FINRA for Investors

Seasons Investment Resource Center

Chapter 14 - Getting Ready for the New Retirement

Check Your Advisor/Broker

Selecting Your Investment Professional

Professional Designations

Accredited Designations

Let's Make a Plan

Certified Financial Planner™

Kingdom Advisors

12 Questions to Ask Your Prospective Planner/Advisor

Chapter 15 - Creating a Lasting Legacy

Your One Degree - Life Purpose Coaching

Halftime Institute

Virtual Mentoring

Living Forward Book

If you’re not sure about what you should be doing in retirement, we highly recommend the organization, Your One Degree.  It is, in their words, “a personalized, coach driven program helping you discover and implement your unique God-given Design.”  We have seen more people living fulfilled lives as a result of their coaching than any other similar program, especially for their “retirement” years.  If you desire to finish well and create a lasting legacy, then this program should help you immensely.