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Financial Planning

Are you financially prepared to handle what life throws at you? Most are not, but Seasons Financial Group can help you meet your financial goals and get serious about financial planning through the management of your assets and resources.

We believe financial planning is essential in helping you to get your financial house in order. In our experience, too many investors are neglecting long term financial planning. Like closing the door of a closet that badly needs organizing, the attitude seems to be out of sight, out of mind. With Seasons Financial Group, you will get the guidance you need to help organize your financial household.

To be confident that you are receiving financial planning advice, Seasons Financial Group uses the following 6 Principles in creating a plan that’s appropriate for you:

Establish & Define Client-Planner Relationship

We offer a complementary initial consultation to determine if we are a good fit for you and if you are a good fit for us. We will explain the services to be provided for you, responsibilities of each party, compensation structure, desired length of the professional relationship and how decisions will be made.

Gathering Data & Goals

We will ask for information about your financial situation and work together to define your personal and financial goals, understand your time frame for results and determine your risk tolerance. We will gather all necessary documents before developing a plan.

Analyze & Evaluate

We will analyze your information to determine what you must do to meet your goals. Depending on what services you need, this could include analyzing your assets, liabilities and cash flow, current insurance coverage, investments or tax strategies.

Develop Recommendations

We will offer recommendations that address your goals — whether retirement-focused, estate-focused, or all-encompassing — based on the information you provide. The key at this juncture is helping you understand all the options available, so you’re able to make informed and sound decisions. We listen to your concerns and revise recommendations as appropriate.

Implement Recommendations

We will work closely with you to implement all aspects of the plan and show you how the recommendations will be carried out. We strive to make this as seamless and stress-free as possible for you. We may work with your accountant, insurance agents and estate planning attorney to implement portions of your plan.

Monitor Plan

We will monitor your plan to make sure we are meeting your objectives. We will establish a regular review schedule to make sure your plan is on course and will make recommendations for adjustments when necessary.

Steve Ellis, CFP® is our in-house Certified Financial PlannerTM. His experience and knowledge is available to all the clients of Seasons Financial Group. We recommend that when needing competent financial planning services that you only use a Certified Financial PlannerTM.

Here’s why:

  • Not all financial advisors are created equal—experience and competence are crucial to you meeting your financial goals.

  • A Certified Financial PlannerTM will take a holistic view of an individual’s financial resources, obligations and goals.

  • The CFP® certification, from Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, is a good sign a financial advisor can meet your needs. This certification is awarded to individuals who meet strict ethical requirements, successfully complete rigorous education coursework, pass a comprehensive examination and demonstrate their dedication to providing sound financial advice through experience.